Organizational Structure

Das Nationalparkteam

There are 30 permanent employees working in the National Park and about another 30 contractors mainly to guide visitors. The work of the Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park Authority includes habitat management, public relations and visitor service. Research is outsourced to various institutes and organisations, as the National Park itself does not employ any scientific personnel. Approval procedures are carried through by the provincial government of Burgenland, situated in Eisenstadt, and not by the National Park administration.

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The National Park is a public body, the members of the board of directors (7 members and 7 substitute members) are appointed by the provincial government of Burgenland. The chairman is Mr. Paul Rittsteuer, his deputy is Mr. Helmut Bieler. This board makes all strategic decisions and appoints the Director of the National Park (Kurt Kirchberger) as well as the scientific director (Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alois Herzig). Other authorities are the National Park Commission (with three representatives each from the federal and provincial levels and their respective deputies), the National Park Forum (made up of representatives of regional interest groups such as agriculture, land owners, tourism, nature conservation) and finally the Scientific Council (experts from various fields relevant to the National Park).

The National Park Administration is made up of 30 employees working in four different departments: Administration/Finances run by Mr. Franz Haider who is responsible for accounting and contracts. The department of planning and habitat management (run by Mr. Viktor Reinprecht is also dealing with the agricultural holding of the nationalpark. These two departments are located at the "Apetloner Hof" , the National Park Headquarters in Apetlon.

The department public relations and eco-tourism is run by Mr. Alois Lang. His team is also responsible for the Information Centre in Illmitz, putting out information material and the National Park's own newspaper called "Geschnatter" (engl.cackling). The fourth department, run by Mr. Harald Grabenhofer, is dealing with the duties of education and visitor programs and is located in the Education Centre in Illmitz.. The chair of the scientific department (Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alois Herzig) coordinates the scientific work from the Biological Station in Illmitz. Scientific projects are outsourced. 

The National Park is financed equally by the Land Burgenland and the Republic of Austria.