Key Facts

Aberdeen Angus Herd at Illmitzer Zicksee

The Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park was founded in 1993. The Fertö-Hanság Nemzeti Park in Hungary was established already in 1991. The protected area now covers about 300km². This National Park is the first cross-border National Park in Austria and the first Austrian National Park that was recognised by the IUCN.

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The National Park covers parts of the territory of 7 communities (Andau, Apetlon, Illmitz, Neusiedl/See, Podersdorf, Tadten and Weiden/See). About 90km² of the National Park are on Austrian territory and are still owned by about 1200 local landowners. The National Park has long-term lease contracts with the landowners.

Conservation zone Lange Lacke

50% of the area (about 4500 ha) is a Nature Reserve Zone, which remains untouched by humans. The Conservation Zones are mainly cultural landscapes and require landscape conservation measures. 

The areas are divided into six different areas: Apetlon - Lange Lacke (app. 1750 ha), Illmitz-Hölle (app. 1550 ha), Podersdorf-Karmazik (app. 160 ha), Sandeck-Neudegg (app. 460ha), Waasen-Hanság (app. 140 ha) and Zitzmannsdorfer Wiesen (appr. 650 ha).


Here you can find the following habitats:

  • Neusiedler See and its reed belt
  • saline lakes that dry out periodically
  • hay meadows
  • pasture land
  • small sand habitats