Research and Monitoring

According to the National Park law, long-term scientific research and continuous monitoring are the cornerstones of research in protected Nature Reserve and Conservation Zones. Management plans are made in compliance with these results. Bird monitoring and vegetation-ecological monitoring of pasturing are two good examples of research done by the National Park. In order to comply with the IUCN guidelines, the National Park Authority has to establish a management plan that regulates the fish and deer population.

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Already in 1990, research in the region aimed at a management plan for a future Neusiedler See - Seewinkel National Park. This was coordinated by the Working Group for a Neusiedler See General Concept (Arbeitsgruppe Gesamtkonzept Neusiedler See) and funded by federal and provincial budgets. Since 1994 monitoring programmes and research projects are funded by the National Park. Research is being coordinated by the chair of the Biological Station in Illmitz, Prof. Dr. Alois Herzig.

Education is one of the National Park's duties and research helps the National Park to fulfil this task. The findings are published and therefore accessible to everyone.

Current research projects are for example: "vegetation-ecological pasture monitoring", "monitoring and management of wildlife", "monitoring of Neusiedler See's fish ecology" "ornithological monitoring" or "renaturation of saline lakes"